The World is a Smaller Place Today

The world has come a smaller place right now. People travel from one place to another, either for leisure or for work. With the development of aviation, travel has become a lot easier and there are now more opportunities to explore other places. Fares are much cheaper thanks to stiff competition, giving everyone the chance to fly.

People who work in other places to work mostly send money back home to their families and today this is also something which is not that difficult to do. There are numerous remitting companies today which are in operation and there are more than enough choices for everyone. For example, sending development money to Sri Lanka is now something which takes just minutes to do.


Nowadays it is not unusual to see people of different nationalities traveling to even the most remote places on earth. The world has opened up to everyone and I think this is a good thing because it opens up avenues for meeting people and understanding each other better.

If there is one thing I would like people to invest money in, it would be travel. You just can’t afford to be ignorant of other countries and other cultures today.

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